This course deeply explores one of the most difficult pieces of getting any project off the ground, as well as managing and maintaining sustainability and growth- resource development and fundraising. Once we have an innovative idea or a desire to make a difference and a business plan, the hardest next step is funding. The single biggest barrier to success is often building out a solid financial plan, complete with research data, benchmarks, success metrics and projections. Alongside this, you must also be able to identify potential funders or investors, and know how to present information to them in a way that inspires confidence and motivates action. This course challenges you to break free of old models of “campaigning” for funds, and unleashing the tools of business to make a case for investment in your innovative solutions and important work.

We will navigate the difficult world of developing financial proposals to complement business plans for all sectors of funding including foreign aid, foundations, businesses and individuals. We will delve into how to present our projects with solid metrics and financial projections, as well as the intricacies of developing relationships with potential funders and donors to sustain and grow our work. Furthermore, we will explore the organizational development opportunities, leadership management skills, technology and project management tools that cultivate an effective resource development team.  We will work with real-time case studies and proven mindsets and methods for success.