This course brings together the theory and practice of regenerative leadership as a 21st century response to the challenges we face globally as a species. More specifically, regenerative leadership is a framework for positive change that has emerged from the course facilitator's research and consulting work with highly successful sustainability leaders in business, industry, non-governmental organizations, and schools and universities.
Like sustainability champions and educators, social innovators and entrepreneurs, regenerative leaders are individuals seeking new and better ways to address complex challenges faced by their organizations and communities.

 In this work, they learn the value and skills of reflective self-management, purposeful co-innovation, and authentic stakeholder engagement in the development of solutions consciously designed to promote human fulfillment, well being, and prosperity. They do this by designing processes, products, and services that carefully consider and integrate the social, environmental, and economic benefits and impacts of their work. What distinguishes regenerative leaders and their growing impact is their willingness to listen to and operate from a deep sense of personal purpose, while at the same time seeking to connect with others in a collective purpose that considers but goes beyond self-interest to serve the common good.